Grapple Hands-On Preview – SGC 2013

One of the independent games I got the chance to play at this year’s ScrewAttack Game Convention was from a small team currently attending the University of Texas at Dallas. Tuesday Society’s game is simple in concept, easy to understand but very difficult to master. Essentially, you control a big, round, blob of goo.

This blob of goo rolls around on platforms and blocks in space, trying to get to the black hole at the end of each level. The blob can jump and it can shoot tentacles out to stick to and swing from surfaces. These basic design concepts are combined together with excellent level design and it all adds up to one of the most entertaining indie games I’ve played in a while.

grapple 3

A lot of indie games nowadays try so hard to be edgy or to push boundaries, but Grapple just tackles a few gameplay mechanics, marries them with a striking art style and nails the level design to make what’s already shaping up to be a great game and it’s not even finished yet. Everything about the game is smoother than the gooey ball you control and each splat is as gratifying as the last. With the quick respawns and short levels, it never gets tedious. By the time I grew tired of getting stuck, I’d figure out a section and be on my way to the next level.

While it may be easier to take your time on most of the levels by slowly approaching each jump like it’s your last, the game really excels the more recklessly that you decide to play. By plopping on blocks and sliding my goo around corners, it was a lot more intense and fun. Once I got into the later levels of the demo, blocks were arranged in such ways that there were no flat surfaces. I found myself quickly hopping around and swinging with my tentacle as much as possible.

grapple 2

The game is basic, but it’s fun. I highly recommend checking out the website here, voting for it on Steam Greenlight, downloading their demo and supporting the team. It’s shaping up to be really fun and I would hate to see something so well-made get lost in the shuffle. Comment to let us know your thoughts down below!