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GTA V Has Shipped 29 Million Units

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Take Two today announced that has ‘sold-in’ 29 million copies of the game, meaning that nearly 30 million copies of GTA V have been sold to retailers worldwide.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick revealed the news by saying:

“The title received stellar reviews, shattered entertainment industry records and has already sold-in nearly 29 million units to date. The extraordinary success of Grand Theft Auto 5 illustrates the positive momentum in our business and consumers’ enduring appetite for the highest-quality interactive entertainment.”

29 million units is a hell of a lot of copies, in fact it is already more than GTA IV ever did in its lifetime, which is an incredible statistic. In fact the launch of GTA V has seen Take Two’s revenue this quarter rise to $1.27 billion compared to last quarters $288 million. Looks like we’ll be getting a GTA 6 in a few years if that kind of money is being made!

Now if only Rockstar would give everyone their $500,000 then maybe I would play some more GTA Online, but for now my attention has moved onto Assassin’s Creed IV. I’ll be back GTA V, I’ll be back.

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