Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut Coming September 24th

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A while back, Jasper Byrne announced his partnership with Curve Studio–who also worked with Mike Bithell of Thomas Was Alone–to bring the Director’s cut of the 2012 psychological horror hit. Now, we have a definitive release date for Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut– September 24th, 2013.

For those of you who haven’t heard of or played Lone Survivor, I’ll let Curve Studios’ Rob explain it to you in his own words. “Jasper describes the game as a ‘Psychological Survival Adventure.’ It has all the hallmarks of classic survival horror games — high on atmosphere and low on available sources of ammunition. Players can choose to use stealth or firepower to deal with the monsters in Lone Survivor. Depending on player choices, the game can play out very differently, with many optional scenes and different endings.”

Curve Studios’ Rob announced the release date on PlayStation’s blog, reflecting on their 8 month collaboration.  What was supposed to be a simple touch-up turned into a major upgrade. According to Rob, “we started with simple upgrades, like adding touch support on Vita and improving the lighting system… and things spiralled from there! We’ve added over twenty new items, new endings, and new game locations. All of them have been designed by Jasper, and all of them are made to expand on the original game seamlessly.”

He strongly believes that Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut will be the “definitive version” of the game. Having played the original game, I know this to be a tall order; however, with more endings, items, and locations, I think Curve Studios can pull it off.

For those who own PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, you’ll be happy to know that Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut will have cross-save and cross-buy functionality. In the mean time, I think I’ll spend the next four days in complete isolation for preparation.

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