Major Wii U System Update Now Available

After making headlines yesterday regarding their presence at this year’s E3, Nintendo decided to release a major system update for the Wii U. This massive update is expected to include improved stability and load times, the launch of Virtual Console, and the Wii U Panorama view. For a more detailed analysis of everything that this update covers, feel free to look below.

System Update Overview:

  • The time required to start the Wii U console, launch built-in applications, exit software and return to the main menu, jump between applications, and jump between software and Miiverse has been reduced.
  • While the Wii U logo is being displayed during the system startup, users can directly transition to the Wii Menu by holding down the B Button on the Wii U GamePad.
  • Users can install games and applications from the Nintendo eShop in the background while other software is being used.
  • When powering off during a download, Wii U will go into a standby mode, then power off when all downloads and installations are complete.
  • Users can transfer and copy data between two USB storage devices in Data Management. This allows users the opportunity to upgrade or replace a current USB storage device that is connected to the Wii U Console.
  • Users can control the priority of their downloads when downloading multiple items at once.
  • Improved account selection when powering on the system now displays Nintendo Network IDs to clearly distinguish accounts.
  • TV screen size output can now be adjusted in the System Settings.
  • An Undo/Redo button was added to the Miiverse drawing input screen.

Virtual Console: (coming soon)

A library of quality classic games are on the way including Balloon Fight, Donkey KongDonkey Kong Jr.ExcitebikeF-ZeroIce ClimberKirby’s AdventureKirby Super StarMario Bros., Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. DreamSuper Mario Bros. 2Super Mario WorldSuper Metroid and Yoshi.

Panorama View: (coming soon)

Wii U Panorama View will open a window to the sights and sounds of some of the world’s most exotic destinations. Wii U owners use the GamePad controller to look in every direction to control an immersive 360-degree video guided tour as these destinations come to life from the comfort of your living room. Imagine catching all the sights during a tour of London on a double-decker bus or exploring the streets of Rio de Janeiro during Carnival. Wii U Panorama View will be available as a free downloadable demo from the Nintendo eShop and includes a sample of different experiences the application has to offer.

While I’m still skeptical about Nintendo these days, even I will admit that they are making admirable strides towards giving Wii U owners more bang for their bucks. Once the games start flowing, I’m pretty certain that Nintendo will be fine. It’s important to remember that the 3ds also had a slow start and is right now enjoying it’s best year of releases yet. Only time well tell if ultimately all these business moves payoff in the end.

If you’re a Wii U owner, are you satisfied with this update? How do you feel about Nintendo’s latest moves regarding E3? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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