Meet Frank Honey In This Lego City Undercover Trailer

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In the latest webisode for Lego City Undercover we are introduced to Frank Honey, your Lego sidekick, as you help rid the city of crime and bad guys. But in an adorable LEGO way.

The trailer gives a taste of the combat in the game as well as showing you how funny it can actually be, there shouldn’t be any complaints about talking in Lego games anymore after this releases later this month. Plus it really makes me want a Wii U, badly.

Check out the previous two webisodes below:

After watching these I’m fairly sure that this is the strongest reason to own a Wii U yet, an open world crime fighting Lego game? GTA: LEGO? Yes please. Now if only it could be on other systems…

LEGO City Undercover releases on March 18 in NA and March 28 in Europe and AUS exclusively for the Wii U.

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