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[Music Video] Public Enemy – Get Up Stand Up

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Public Enemy – legendary for their political rap in the 80’s has just dropped a brand new video for their single “Get Up Stand Up“. The song also features Rhymesayers artist Brother Ali.

Although not featuring the tea-kettle whistles, “Get Up Stand Up” (which was produced by Gary G-Wiz) is a throwback to the Public Enemy signature sound.

Chuck D and Brother Ali both drop verses which aims to encourages it’s listeners to “Get Up Stand Up” against things such as the modern-day tendencies of today’s Hip-Hop artists. Also Flava Flav is found on the track being the Public Enemy signature hype man.

Brother Ali seems to compliment the group well and doesn’t seem out of place at all on a track with such iconic artists such as Public Enemy.

The video was directed by David C. Snyder and basically features various clips from Public Enemy‘s recent tour. It also has clips of oppression, poverty and protesters, who are fitting the song title.

Get Up Stand Up” is from Public Enemy‘s new album titled “Evil Vs Heroes” which is available on iTunes right now.

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