New DARK Screenshots Creep Out of the Shadows

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DARK is an upcoming stealth-action title from Kalypso Media. The game pits the player as protagonist, Eric Bane, a newly transformed vampire. The game follows a story of discovery, as you try to find out what the “elder vampires” have planned to do to humanity. The game features a mixture of stealth, vampiric and melee abilities and levels with multiple options for completing missions and taking down enemies. Check out a trailer above to get a taste (lol for puns) of gameplay and see the latest screenshots down below.


It’s an interesting premise that has worked for plenty of games before, but I fear this game will just kind of fall into a middle ground. The cel-shading isn’t striking enough to really look unique, but is also not realistic at all. Gameplay seems reasonably fun, but it’s almost too much like a third-person Dishonored.

DARK is shceduled for a summer 2013 release on PC, 360 and PS3. Does DARK look interesting enough to suck up your time (I can’t help myself at this point) and warrant a purchase? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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