New D&D MMORPG Neverwinter Officially Launches

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If you’ve stumbled across The Koalition this year, or are a regular visitor, you’ve probably seen some of my coverage of Neverwinter as it has progressed from Closed Beta, to Open Beta and now finally launch. The game has been open to the public for the past several weeks in the final Open Beta testing period and there wasn’t any type of character wipe, so this is really just a formality at this point.

As a recap on our features on the game, check out my amazing stuff right here:

Today officially marks the true launch date of the game, and along with it come a nice handful of additions. First off, the new crafting profession of Alchemy debuted recently, with tons of new features thrown into the game. The biggest addition, however, is a whole new area for end-game level 60 characters. The Gauntlgrym combines aspects of both PvP and PvE into one giant adventure. Finally, details are already emerging on the games first big expansion, Fury of the Feywild!

fury of the feywild
Pretty art is pretty!

With the launch of the game sure to result in a large influx of new players, now is as good a time as any to dive into the Forgotten Realms universe once again. Keep an eye out for our full official review of the game coming soon.

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