Puppeteer Brings Platforming Madness To The PS3!

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In the run-up to E3, Sony has released a host of new trailers for their upcoming platformer, Puppeteer. Developed internally by Studio Japan, Puppeteer looks like a cross between a Tim Burton animation and LittleBigPlanet, albeit with tighter controls and the insane-o-meter cranked up to 14!

Announced last August, Puppeteer stars a boy name Kuturo who is not only transformed in to a puppet, but has his head bitten off as well! It’s not all bad news however; as this offers Kuturo the opportunity to sport wonderful new heads (as showcased in the trailers below) each of which grants him with unique powers and abilities.

Even if you’re not a fan of platformers, the beautiful artstyle alone makes Puppeteer a game worth checking out. The Koalition will be here to provide some sweaty hand-on impressions next week but until then, enjoy the trailers both above and below!

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