Redman ft. DoItAll & Mr. Cheeks – Hands Up [Hip-Hop]

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Redman is notorious for his weed smoking ways and to celebrate the 4/20 of 2013 Redman has released a new toking anthem titled “Hands Up“.

Produced by legendary Hip-Hop producer Easy Mo Bee, “Hands Up” asks the question of who wants to blaze up.

Redman is accompanied by Lost Boyz member Mr. Cheeks and DoItAll from the Lords Of The Underground on a somewhat predictable but cool track.

The Funk DoctaSpock knows his lane and when he’s on his game he’s always a good listen.

2013 is due to be a busy year for Redman as he has his next solo album “Muddy Waters II: Even Muddier” and the collaborative follow up of “Blackout!” trilogy with Method Man all still to come.
Check out the track and comment below.

redman hands up

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