Stick It To The Man! This Year On PS3 and PS Vita

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Klaus Lyngeled of Zoink! studio recently released a blog and trailer for their upcoming game, Stick It To The Man!, and it’s sure to glue some eyes to some monitors. The game is supposed to be a mixture of adventure and platforming, although the trailer seems to focus on giving light to the premise of the game’s story. Zoink! reports that the game is in the polishing stages, and it will release for PS3 and PS Vita later this year.

Ray is walking in the 2-D cutout city when a bomb lands on him. He wakes up after having been in a coma to find he now has “a pink spaghetti” floating out of his head, which is actually an elastic, ethereal pink arm. He is not only able to manipulate objects with the arm, but he can also read thoughts, transfer thoughts into people’s minds, and manipulate stickers—and by manipulate stickers I mean he switched the mouths of a dog and a businessman. Yup, it’s that kind of game. But of course the man catches on to Ray’s new-found powers. It’s up to Ray to use his powers to stick it to the man.

Zoink! provides a fascinating world to compliment the unique premier. The game is supposed to have over 100 characters with Adventure Time writer Ryan North giving them life. Viewers will no doubt feel drawn to the incredible art style that I can only describe as a mixture of The Simpsons and anything by Tim Burton. But don’t just take my poor description—click the trailer and see for yourselves!

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