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Turn Based, The RPG Podcast #14: Kingdom Heartless

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David Jagneaux hosts episode 14 of Turn Based which includes JakeJames Lugo, ElectroJade and myself discussing the latest in RPG news. This week we also decided to spotlight one of the most praised RPG franchises of the PS2 era, Kingdom Hearts.

There are Kingdom Hearts HD collections in the works, so we felt it was a great time to educate those who haven’t played the series on what makes it such a magical RPG experience. I myself never got to play the games, so it was enlightening to hear JakeJames and David speak on why the series was so touching to them back then.

Also on this episode:
– I give my impressions on Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch after finally spending some time with the game.
– David Jagneaux shares his thoughts on Fire Emblem after playing it for some time.
– We discuss Kingdom Hearts 3 rumors.
– David breaks down the Neverwinter beta after getting a chance to try it out and writing an extensive preview

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