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Top 5 Free PC Games (non-MMORPG) to Play in 2013

When you think of free games to play on PC it’s easy to think of flash gaming sites or Facebook games, which are perfectly acceptable forms of casual gaming, but what if you want a more substantive game to play? Well, thankfully several developers and publishers have gotten behind the free-to-play business model (and in more genres than just MMORPGs.) Below I have arranged my list of the top 5 free PC games that you should be playing in 2013, that aren’t MMORPGs. For that dedicated list, check it out over here! Clearly, your favorite game may not be on the list, so I encourage you all to let me know your personal picks in the comments below!

5) Hawken

This game started to hit the market last year and you can check out my beta impressions over here. We also featured in our post about the best PC games from last year, but it hasn’t even really hit its stride yet. This game is not only 100% free to download and play, it’s also absolutely gorgeous and incredibly immersive. With a solid rig, big monitor and nice headset, this is about the best it gets for mech-combat games. Somehow, they figured out a way to make it feel incredibly intense and visceral, while avoiding the slow-pace that often plagues mech games. Check out the site right here.

4) League of Legends

If you haven’t at least heard of LoL, then you’re doing something wrong when it comes to PC gaming. This is the most-played game in the world right now, has massive competitions, is featured in professional gaming events, attracts millions of players all-day everyday and continues to grow and get better and better. The entire Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) genre spawned from a mod on Warcraf II called Defense of the Ancients (DoTA) and has taken the world by storm. There are tons of MOBA offerings on the market now, but LoL is not only the undeniably most popular, it’s also totally free-to-play. Maybe you can go pro? Check out the full site here.

3) Blacklight: Retribution

The above video is the first entry in my Free-to-Play Focus series of videos/articles that you can check out the full entry for right here. BL: R is a first-person shooter that can be downloaded from Steam, or directly from the game’s website. The game has most all of the bells-and-whistles of “AAA” competitive shooters, along with tons of customization options once you get into the meat of the game. Another great perk is that a decent amount of upgrades and skins are available just from playing the game through the leveling system, and Raptr Rewards, without having to pay real money.

2) Firefall

This game does have quite a few RPG elements and could arguable be considered an MMORPGFPS, but that’s way too long and annoying. This game is more of an MMOFPS than an RPG, so it landed on this list instead. The game has both a cooperative multiplayer component that takes place in the games massive world, but also has many competitive multiplayer facets. Combat can be both in first and third person. Also: jetpacks! Firefall is definitely shaping up to be a great MMOFPS to look out for this year with a great sci-fi slant. Check out the official site here.

1) Planetside 2

This game actually came out in late 2012, but it’s so good with so much lifeInstead of trying to convince you myself, I’ll let Asad Quadri use his words from our list of best PC games of 2012 where he made his for the game already to explain: “Planetside 2 is a free-to-play MMOFPS where you’re thrust into combat alongside your chosen faction against 2 other factions battling to compete for land and resources. This game provides a lot of content such as a persistent world, huge maps, great graphics, rewarding teamwork and character progression with new perks, weapons, equipment, more powerful vehicles and much more to gain the advantage on the battlefield.

The vast scale of Planetside 2 is a marvel to behold as you witness hundreds of thousands of players battling each other across maps stretching for miles and miles. Planetside 2 will surely satisfy those who are looking to be on the frontlines of an immense and chaotic sci-fi war.” Also be sure to check out his review! Also, check out the game’s official website!

Other notable games to check out:
FPS: Team Fortess 2, Combat Arms and Tribes: Ascend
Strategy: Frontline Tactics, Age of Empires Online and World of Tanks

Did one of your favorites or most anticipated games not make the list? Let us know your picks in the comments below!