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Turn Based, The RPG Podcast 16: Does Final Fantasy X HD Mean We’ll Get A Final Fantasy VII Remake?

This week on Turn Based we put the Spotlight on one of the standout entries into the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy X. With all the new information released regarding the HD remaster, we decided to discuss both FFX and FFX-2 in length and reminisce what made them special. We also posed the question, does the FFX remake mean we will eventually see a Final Fantasy VII remake?

Speaking of Final Fantasy we also briefly touch on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and branch off to discuss why Square Enix even bothered to expand upon the XIII series. Could they possibly make every new Final Fantasy iteration a trilogy from here on?

Dragon age Origins 1920x1080 (1)

We also spoke in length about our Q&A with Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider, analyzing his answers and speculating on what the next Dragon Age game may bring. David had a few updates on the Neverwinter beta, including the Beta Key giveaway we held (it has now ended).

Other games discussed:
– Tera
– Raiderz expansion
Generation of Chaos
– Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Finally we issued an update on our very own RPG video game that we have in development “Operation Red Panda” (it’s just a code name). We’ve made tons of progress in the game already since recording our last podcast. Be sure to listen to future episodes to hear how the process is going.