50 Cent Ft Kendrick Lamar – We Up (Music Video)

With what was clearly supposed to be a throwaway song, 50 Cent’s We Up caught on and became an official banger. You may remember when we posted the original version, which also featured G-Unit member Kidd Kidd. We’re not quite sure why they decided to produce a second music video for the single without Kidd Kidd, but I’m pretty sure it’s because they want to give the song more of a mainstream visual as it continues to gain momentum.

I must say that this is definitely one of the most catchiest hooks 50 Cent has come up with in the past few years.

You all know when we pullin’ off the lot
Brake hit the button then we pullin’ down the top
Shine’s on stuntin’ and I’m pullin’ out a knot
Strapped with the Glock won’t pull it out a lot
But front, I’ll make it pop
Y’all don’t do it how we do
Niggas ain’t on the shit we on (we on, we on)
Everything new
Spikes on the Louboutins (boutins, boutins)
We up, nigga

– The chorus courtesy of Rap Genius

I just hope that all the money put into the production of this music video is worth it, as we’re still left without a new 50 Cent album or even a release date. Share your thoughts on the new We Up video below in the comments.