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Who Leads The Way In The Hip-Hop Social Media Game?

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Nowadays in not just Hip-Hop but music in general, having a buzz on the internet can go a long way to gaining success within the industry in 2013.

To go deeper into the numbers and see if internet notoriety, musical success and recognition goes hand-in-hand, ThePhatStartup.com done some investigating to see who leads the way for Hip-Hop in the social media front and if it correlates to “MTV’s Hottest MC of 2013” list. They used data from social media profiles and had assistance from TheNextBigSound to collect the data. The data was put together by Visualeks. Check it out below.

Hip-Hop Social Media

If you take a look at the end results and compare it to the “MTV Hottest MC of 2013” list, you’ll see that they are quite different. Drake leads the way in Hip-Hop related social media. In the hottest list he came in at #5. My speculation on the difference in positions in either chart is his style of music. Drake is a crossover artist in terms of his rapping and singing. The guys will be following him predominantly for his rapping and the girls will be following him for all the singing he does. Having flings with Rihanna and having a well-publicised beef with Chris Brown doesn’t hurt him either.

Nas‘ position in both lists are quite similar. He is #4 on the “MTV Hottest MC of 2013” list and is in 6th place in terms of social media. It’s a shame that Nas has less followers than Big Sean and Meek Mill though! They both finished 4th and 5th place respectively on the social media front. Matter of fact, Meek Mill was the opposite of Drake when it came to the translation between both lists.

The one artist who has the exact same results is Future. He came in at #9 for the Hottest MC’s list and he also came in 9th place for the social media front.

The most glaring result has to be “K-Dot” Kendrick Lamar. The broad general consensus is that he should be considered the Hottest MC of Hip-Hop in 2013. It was always a foregone conclusion. However, his social media numbers doesn’t exactly translate over. He came in at #8 on the social media list.

What do you think of the results? Are you surprised as I am? Comment below and make sure you click here to subscribe to ThePhatStartUp for the latest interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

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