Xbox One: Fable Legends Announced

Today at Gamescom Microsoft announced Lionhead’s next game for the Xbox One. That title is Fable Legends and it is a five player online action game.

Check out the trailer above to meet four of the characters you can play as during Fable Legends. They are the standard characters you’ve come to expect in these games as you’ve got the rogue, the barbarian, the crossbowman and the mage.

The fifth player will be the villain and if you choose to be good you will be playing as one of the previously mentioned characters above. However, if you choose to be the bad guy you will play the game from a top down perspective and from here you will be able to lay traps and direct the four players on the ground.

The game has been described as an ‘online fantasy world’ but it is not an MMO. What this means exactly I’m not entirely sure yet. Hopefully in the next few days we will get more concrete details about the game along with some gameplay footage.

Fable Legends is coming exclusively to the Xbox One and no official release date has been announced yet.

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