Yoshi’s Island & Mario Party Are 2 of 5 Mario Games Coming To The 3DS This Year

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If you still hold a special place in your heart for Mario, you’ll be pleased to hear that five Mario titles are scheduled to be released for the 3DS before the year is over! Today Nintendo revealed two brand new tiles that will be released following the previously announced Mario Golf: World Tour (Summer 2013), Mario & Donkey Kong: Minis On The Move (May 9th) and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (July 12th EU, August 11th USA).

Mario Party 3DS will be Mario’s second portable Party and will hopefully fare better than 2007’s abysmal Mario Party DS. This follow-up will feature over 80 mini-games, some of which will require the 3DS’ AR cards (assuming you haven’t thrown them away yet). Finally, a third Yoshi’s Island game will be making its way to the 3DS soon and will feature GIANT EGGS! Who said Nintendo can no longer innovate?!

Expect a lot more details on the latter two games soon as E3 approaches. Oh and check out the latest trailer for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team above, that game looks incredible!

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