5 People Who Should Do A Call of Duty Voice Pack Besides Snoop Dogg

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When my editor-in-chief Richard Bailey sent me a link to a news story revealing Snoop Dogg (Formally Snoop Lion?) as a DLC voice pack for Call of Duty: Ghost, I was scratching my head. As a Hip-Hop lover I respect Snoop Dogg and everything he’s done, but this felt like an odd choice. I understand that Snoop is a big gamer himself, and he’s a fan of Call of Duty, but I feel like there are better choices than him that people would love to see do a voice pack in Call of Duty. So I decided to write a list of 5 other cool people we’d like to see have a voice pack in a Call of Duty game. Not all of them are possible, but I can bet they make a lot more sense than Snoop Dogg. Let me know if you agree..


If Samuel L Jackson were in Call of Duty: Ghosts
Is there anyone out there that wouldn’t pay to hear the former VGA host curse at you when you’re losing Domination? What could be more motivational than being called a motherf***er three times per sentence? Activision, take notes motherf***er.


David Hayter should try Call of Duty
As a diehard fan of the Metal Gear Solid series, it scarred me to know that David Hayter had been replaced by the more popular Kiefer Sutherland. While me and a million other Metal Gear Solid enthusiasts ponder the chance of a twist in Phantom Pain that will have Hayter return, why not give him his own Call of Duty voice pack in which he unofficially rips off Snake’s voice? I mean Metal Gear Solid 2 was basically one long ass codec call between Snake and Raiden anyway, so we’ve already proven our love for Hayter’s voice.


Hiphopgamer in Call of Duty, that's a controversial match jack!
I chose this man because I believe that there are personalities in the gaming industry that deserve some of the same opportunities that celebrities receive (like Jessica Chobot in Mass Effect 3). Whether you love him or hate him, Hiphopgamer breathes passion for gaming, and his passion alone will lead you to that last killstreak you need to solidify your spot on the scoreboard. SHOTS FIRED!


Barak Obama on the microphone
Picture this, your team of U.S Special Forces are getting slaughtered. The opposing team (The Federation) have made it a landslide. Then all of a sudden you hear your president speak to you over the radio. He delivers the shortest, most uplifting speech you’ve ever heard in your life, and you realize you must do everything in your power to ensure your team wins. Obama is hands down one of the best President’s on the microphone, he has swag and charisma. Sure, the president would never record his voice for a violent video game, but wouldn’t it be amazing?


Eminem should have Call of Duty DLC
Seriously though, I think this is the most obvious choice of them all. Eminem not only has a song for the game, but he also appeared via satellite at the live launch of the game. This rapper deserves dibs on any voice pack over Snoop Dogg. Though, I’m aware Eminem is a busy man, and I suspect his asking price was a tad too high; but this is the perfect man for a Call of Duty: Ghosts voice pack.


Yes, you had to suffer my list of possible candidates for a Call of Duty voice pack. But this is 2014 and everyone has an opinion, so be sure to let us know who you’d have record a DLC voice pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Editor David Jagneaux has already mentioned ModernWarNegro to me, which made me facepalm for not thinking of him sooner, should he have made the list? Hit up the comment section below.

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