Additional Details Revealed for Final Fantasy XIV Expansion, Heavensward

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This past weekend, SQUARE-ENIX announced more details for the upcoming expansion, Heavensward. London hosted an event for over 2,000 FINAL FANTASY XIV: A REALM REBORN fans at its first European FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival.

During the opening ceremony presentation, Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida introduced flying mounts, new beast tribes, primals and a new job. These will all be featured in Heavensward when it launches next spring.

Flying mounts enable players to take their adventure to new heights. Two types of flying mounts were revealed at the Fan Festival: a flying black Chocobo and single-rider airships, both making it easier to explore the floating lands that will be featured prominently in the expansion. Heavensward also introduces two new beast tribes: the Vanu Vanu and the Gnath, as well as their primals, Bismarck, and Ravana, respectively.

Finally, the first new job to be released in Heavensward was revealed: Dark Knight. This new job will serve as a tank, wields a two-handed greatsword, utilizes darkness-based actions and unlike the existing jobs in the game, will not feature a base class that later evolves into a job.

Yoshida concluded the keynote by announcing that more details and more jobs will be revealed for Heavensward at the next Fan Festival event which is taking place in Tokyo on December 20 – 21.

The free trial version for PC is available for download at The free trial features the ability for new players to play up to 14 days for free and allows for character development until level 20.

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