Batman: Arkham Knight Gets a Release Date and Collector’s Edition

Find out when the game will be released and what wonderful toys it will come with.

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Originally slated to be released this October, Batman: Arkham Knight now has a new release date. On June 2, all of the Batman fans will be able to get their hands on the game. Not only will they be able to get the regular edition of the game but also two nifty collector editions as well.

The limited edition comes with an 80 page art book which contains concept art, a steelbook, a limited edition Batman: Arkham Knight #0 comic book and three unique skins from The New 52 comics and a Batman Memorial Statue. It will cost costs £89.99 / $99.99 / €119.99 on console and £74.99 / €99.99 on PC.

The Batmobile Edition comes with all of the above but with a transformable Batman statue which was created by TriForce. This one costs £169.99 / $199.99 / €199.99.

ArkKnight Comic cover

Art by Jason Fabok. Colors by our very own Emilio Lopez.

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