Mjolnir’s Inscription Changes for Female Thor

Whosoever holds this hammer...

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A few months ago we found out that the new Thor would be a woman. No, Thor Odison son wouldn’t be getting a sex change like his step-brother Loki… this was a different person who is worthy of lifting up the hammer. It seems that the hammer now has the ability to alter the classic inscription we all know, as it changes when this person picks it up.

The original inscription goes as follows:

Whosoever holds this hammer,

If he be worthy,

Shall possess the power of…


The new inscription is… well… have a look for yourselves.


This makes some kind of sense seeing as how this current hammer wielder lacks a penis. Still, I should note (as Cinemablend pointed out) the last time that a woman wielded the hammer, the inscription stayed the same. Yes… that’s Wonder Woman.


Crazy stuff, right? Anyway I’m looking forward to seeing what this new Thor is capable of and to find out who she is. Will she be someone brand new or a character from the past? I guess we’ll find out when Thor #1 is released on October 1st.

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