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Bioware Officially Unveils Shadow Realms, a New 4v1 Co-Op Action RPG During Gamescom

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For a few weeks now, Bioware has been teasing us with live-action trailers for an upcoming game of theirs. Being shrouded in mystery for so long has heightened fans’ anticipation for this enigmatic title. Well, they will have to wonder no longer as Bioware has finally lifted the veil on this game which is now known as Shadow Realms.

The game will be a 4v1 online only RPG. Four players will fight the forces of the Shadow Lord who is himself controlled by another player. The game takes place in the modern age though there are many mythological monsters and demons to face off against. It will have a strong sense of story and each chapter will be released in an episodic fashion not unlike TV shows. Each time that players enter a realm they will see and experience things that they didn’t previously.

From the looks of the gameplay it seems to be heavily influence by old-school Bioware RPGs like Baldur’s Gate. The action is very frenetic and fast paced. Graphically speaking it looks very slick and what you would expect from a modern day Bioware game though the camera movements can be somewhat jumpy due to the fact that this is a PC game being played on a mouse.

There is no release date for the game but players can sign up for the closed alpha. To sign into the closed alpha make sure to follow this link. Stay tuned for more info on Shadow Realms as it becomes available.

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