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Another week another dope compilation! It’s been a solid couple weeks for Hip Hop and we’re beginning to see a lot of promo for the Holiday season. Here are a few stand outs.

Song of the Week goes to Big K.R.I.T.‘s “Soul Food” featuring Raphael Saadiq. The song is SO dope, it warranted its own post where you can see impressions from initial listens.

On this week’s Knights of the Turntable, we discussed the resurgence of Ludacris and Lupe Fiasco. To show that’s it’s not just a pipe dream, we have the latest #Ludaverse over Jay Z’s “Tom Ford” and Lupe’s new release from Lost in the Atlantic entitled “Mazinger”. Let us know if you think the idea of them making a comeback is truly farfetched or inevitable.

Video of the Week goes to Ces Cru with the visuals for “Jimmy Stewart”, a cut off their solid latest album Codename: Ego Stripper. This particular song is one of my favorites, so imagine my excitement when the video reflects one of my favorite films. The duo emulates an infamous duo of old, replicating scenes from Pulp Fiction as Jules and Vincent. It’s a fun watch and you should definitely listen to the full project.

Thanks for tuning in to week 15! There’s much more to check out on the playlist so listen in and let us know what stands out in the comments below.

Video of the Week

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