Dark Souls II PC Release Date Still Unknown

April 25th Release Date Still Unconfirmed

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Late last week, a Bandai Namco Games representative confirmed via Twitter that an official release date for the PC version of Dark Souls II is still currently unknown. The official statement is embedded below for you all you check out:

This tweet followed after marketing materials were sent out earlier that day stating that the game would launch on Steam and PC on April 25th. The PC version of Dark Souls II is expected to have better graphics and run at approximately 60fps. From Software is also working on ways to better integrate both mouse and keyboard controls into the overall gameplay experience.

Hearing this news about the unconfirmed release date is pretty annoying and puzzling at the same time. It is evident that the both the PR and development team aren’t on the same page as far as establishing a firm release date for this game. Of course, fans who prefer the PC version will be willing to wait for it no matter what. Still, the whole situations seems both silly and embarrassing on the parts of all who are involved. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Dark Souls II will hit stores on March 11th.

Will any of you be waiting to pickup the PC version of Dark Souls II? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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