BioWare May Bring Mass Effect Trilogy To Next-Gen Consoles

PS4 and Xbox One Ports are a possibility

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Earlier today, BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn revealed over Twitter that the original Mass Effect Trilogy may be coming to next-gen consoles. Flynn stated that internal discussions have begun and more would be shared if they decide to move forward. The speculative tweet is embedded below for you all to have a look at:

Mass Effect was easily one of the best new IPs from the last generation of consoles and a certified hit for both EA and BioWare. the first Mass Effect game launches on both the PC and Xbox 360 before going multiplatform a few years later.

As a diehard fan of the series, I must confess that I would be very disappointed if BioWare does decide to rerelease this trilogy on next-gen consoles. This is essentially time and money that would be better spent on making Mass Effect 4 an even better game. Unfortunately, EA’s involvement in this franchise may ultimately be what makes these next-gen ports a reality.

Are any of you looking forward to playing the original Mass Effect Trilogy on either an Xbox One or PS4? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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