The End of Naruto is Here, Right? Maybe Not!

More Naruto is on the way

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Naruto has been ongoing for a very long time. Naruto may very well be one of the most well known manga of this generation, and for the last month we’ve been aware that it was going to end in Weekly Shonen Jump 50, with two chapters (699, and 700).

The sad news has spread everywhere on the internet, however new information has surfaced that may make some fans happy. Obviously if you don’t read the manga or haven’t read the final chapter, the information below will be spoiler heavy.

According to Scans from Weekly Shonen Jump, Naruto will be continuing with a third part in Spring of 2015. Not only will the main manga continue, but there will be Side Story mangas in development as well.

The new manga will most likely center on the children of the Konoha rookies, but will most likely focus on the son of Naruto, Boruto (That’s as Bolt in English), and the Daughter of Sasuke, Sarada (That’s Salad in English).

Check back for more Information as details drop about the future of Naruto.

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