Glitches and All, Madden NFL 15 Still Delivers

#TinyTitan glitch still doesn't stop Madden NFL 15 from delivering

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The hype for the National Football League season was heightened recently following the release of the latest entry in the Madden video game series: Madden NFL 15.

EA Sports’ newest game was released on August 26th and features everything you’d expect from the football series – stunning graphics, realistic gameplay and hugely detailed analytics of each team.

Defense is at the forefront of this year's Madden NFL experience.
Defense is at the forefront of this year’s Madden NFL experience.

There are a few surprises this time around though. It would appear that Madden NFL 15 has taken inspiration from the former underdog turned champion Seattle Seahawks football team. The squad silenced doubters everywhere when they earned a stunning 43-8 victory over the Denver Broncos at Super Bowl XLVIII earlier this year. The team’s motto – defense wins championships – is reflected in the gameplay, and playing defensively is just as exciting as playing offensively in Madden NFL 15.

Another surprise that has been getting attention for all the wrong reasons is one hilarious glitch in the form of Cleveland Browns rookie linebacker Christian Kirksey. When players take part in the Tennessee Titans Solo Challenge within the Madden Ultimate Team, the star appears as a tiny, dwarfed version of himself.

In reality, Kirksey stands at a healthy 6’2” and weighs in at 235lb, but looks like something out of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory in comparison to his fellow players. The glitch quickly made its way onto YouTube and fan blogs, but EA Sports gracefully took it with a pinch of salt by releasing the trailer embedded below.

EA Sports also released a statement on their official blog telling fans: “This weekend only, Madden Ultimate Team players can experience the Tiny Titan for themselves. All you need to do is log into Madden 15 and look for the direct link to the Ultimate Teams Weekly Challenges. #TinyTitan will be waiting.”

Glitches aside, this year’s Madden NFL does well to address some serious gameplay issues that plagued its predecessors. Loading screens are quicker, presentation has been improved and players’ movements are far more realistic. Linebackers have also been improved, making a pass in the middle of the field is far more true to life, and defensive backs no longer tag along behind receivers at all times.

The game’s analytics also provide a very true to life sporting experience. Examples of this range from the defensive, such as how many yards a certain play has yielded, to statistics that help players decide which tactics will catch opposing quarterbacks off-guard. Akin to the betting sports culture of today, the game provides players with the opportunity to look at every move they make and consider how it will impact their odds of winning.

Glitches aside, Madden NFL 15 truly is one of the better entries in the series in a long time.
Glitches aside, Madden NFL 15 truly is the best entry in the series so far.

Of course, no new game release is perfect and Madden NFL 15 does suffer a little from some awkward movements that have limbs flying everywhere. However on a pure aesthetic basis, the graphics more than make up for most of these things. EA Sports still have a little ways to go if they’re to make their Madden series flawless, but by addressing last year’s errors, they are indeed one step closer.

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