Hideo Kojima Teases Phantom Pain Announcement at Tokyo Game Show

Kojima, you're such a tease

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In typical Hideo Kojima fashion, the legendary Metal Gear Solid series creator announced that there would be an announcement for something The Phantom Pain related during this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Kojima made this announcement during the most recent Japanese Sony Press conference. This came at the tail end of his presentation where he talked about the recently released “P.T” and how that project came together. Hideo simply said that a big Phantom Pain announcement would be made at TGS and walked off the stage, leaving all of us in suspense.

What could this announcement be? I would assume that it is (finally) a release date for the game. While I don’t think we’ll actually get this–it will most likely be a new feature like proper player versus player multiplayer–it would be nice to know when this game is coming out.

That’s all we have for now. Stay tuned for TGS to see what the big Phantom Pain announcement will be.

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