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Kickstarter Weekly: Kill The Bad Guy and Darkblood Chronicles

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Welcome back to our Kickstarter Weekly. In our 14th article, we’ve searched Kickstarter for some dark, bloody games. The first one is called Kill The Bad Guy, a game about killing criminals without making a scene. The final one is Darkblood Chronicles, a RPG that’s getting a major overhaul. Read on to see if you think either (or both) of these games deserve funding.

Kill The Bad Guy

Project by: Ynnis Interactive

Goal: $60,000

Current Funds: $1,784

End: April 4, 2014

Now here is a game with an interesting premise. Kill The Bad Guy seems like a title that could fit almost any video game or action movie. But according to Ynnis Interactive’s Kickstarter, the major difference between Kill The Bad Guy and any violent video game is that you want to kill discreetly in the former.

Criminals have overrun the world, completely undeterred by the penal system. This means that these criminals get away with their atrocious crimes. As part of a secret organization, you must–get this–kill the bad guys. Because this mysterious organization isn’t sanctioned, it cannot protect you if you’re caught.  You need to make sure that you are discreet when serving criminal masterminds the justice they deserve.

This means that players will need to track their targets to analyze their daily habits. Once you’ve properly tracked your targets, you can plan how you will use the environment to kill the bad guys. The video shows players tracking their targets through a black and white city from an isometric view. From this view, players can set up traps to kill the bad guys. The video showed some examples including launching a catapult,  driving a car off a ramp through some buildings and sabotaging air conditioning units. Perhaps it’s not so big on the “discreet” part, but it looks like a great way for players to flex their brain and creativity.

Kill The Bad Guy has already been approved on Steam Greenlight. Apparently they were greenlit in just 2 days. The game will come out on PC, Linux and Mac. They currently have a demo available on their Kickstarter page, so feel free to try out the demo after you’ve watched their well-made video.

Darkblood Chronicles

Project by: Dorian Tokici

Goal: $16,000 (CAD)

Current Funds: $505 (CAD)

End: March 30, 2014

Usually it takes an interesting setting to sell me on an RPG.  Darkblood Chronicles has an interesting setting that’s inspired from classics such as Parasite Eve, Persona, Shadowhearts, and even Clock Tower. If you prefer your RPGs to take place in a dark setting, then you should consider checking out Darkblood Chronicles’s Kickstarter page.

Darkblood Chronicles is a JRPG-styled game set in a “condemned world.” Monsters are grotesque as if they belonged in the Silent Hill or Resident Evil series; the world itself looks uninhabitable to humans. Unfortunately for a select group of humans, they must explore this dark realm, battling monsters in order to survive.

Darkblood Chronicles is different from other Kickstarter projects because the game has already been completed and released—albeit a limited release. Dorian Tokici and his team have taken  fans’ and reviewers’ feedback, and they have decided to create an enhanced version of Darkblood Chronicles; this would explain the relatively small Kickstarter goal. This enhanced version will feature a newly written script, an extra dungeon, new animations and enhanced graphics. These graphics give the game a darker look, and the new screen shots seem to be how Blossomsoft had intended the original game to look. The screenshots of the previous version do not look nearly as interesting as the new ones.

Blossomsoft’s advantage for this Kickstarter project is that it has credibility. The game is complete, but it only saw a limited release. They seem to be taking their fans’ feedback seriously, and I’m interested in seeing if the new version will serve as a director’s cut of sorts. Otherwise, if there are readers who have played this game, I’m curious to hear what you thought of it, and what changes you would like to see Blossomsoft implement.

Other Projects?

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