Koalition Radio #12 | Pivot Gang, Joey Bada$$, Joe Budden, Wize, and more

The Playlist is now Koalition Radio. Cultivating Hip Hop from all corners.

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The Playlist has become Koalition Radio and things will never be the same. In this new beginning, listeners are treated to a diverse collective of artists that need to be heard.

Beginning with the Song of the Week, Joe Budden returns to the fray with “Devil In My Room”. Budden is no stranger to solid, emotionally charged tracks and this Crooked I featured cut is no different. No clue where this joint ends up, but it’s a treat for fans and otherwise.

Wize, a UK emcee that has been featured a couple times, dropped a surprise for fans with “#OTB”. The track itself is a failed demo that he decided to release for the masses and features a singing Wize this time around. Surprisingly, he can hold his own with the harmonies and the songwriting is as solid as always.

The strangely popular “Look At Wrist” track makes an appearance on Koalition Radio not for it’s merits as a good song (personally not a fan) but for this remix that has signaled the return of The Cool Kids. The unique instrumental with heavy bass is perfect for the flows of both Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks. Looking forward to more from the duo.

The video of the week goes to Joey Bada$$. Coming through with visuals for the visceral “Christ Conscious”, Bada$$ layers dope rhymes over dope production from Basquiat on a track that is simply too short.

There are many more tracks to experience this week. From ASAPMob to Greives to Russ, every Hip Hop fan can find something of interest here. Share with everyone you know and let us know which tracks stand out. Hit us down in the comments below. Keep it Hip Hop and see you  next week.

Video of the Week

Joey Bada$$ – Christ Conscious [Music Video] by TheKoalition

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