PS4 Firmware Update 2.01 is Live; Rest Mode Issue Resolved

The patch for the Masamune update is now live.

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Earlier tonight I posted about how Sony would soon be releasing a patch to fix their latest firmware update. They weren’t kidding when they said soon. The update is now live for all PlayStation 4 owners to download and install.

I’ve tested firmware update 2.01 out myself and can confirm that the Rest Mode issue has been fixed. It seems to load up a bit slower than it used to but it works. I can also confirm that the face buttons on the PlayStation 4 now function again. This means that you can turn on the PS4 by pressing the ON button and also that you can eject disks manually instead of having to go to the Eject Disk option.

The patch will automatically begin to download when you turn your PlayStation 4 on or you can manually download it by going into Settings and selecting Software Update.

If any other issues spring up from this I’ll update as necessary.

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