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Sony PS Vita Anniversary Sale Detailed, Ends On March 3rd

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Earlier this week marked the 2 year anniversary of the PlayStation Vita’s official release in North America. Since then, the impressive handheld device has benefitted from having a handful of great game releases over time. Currently, I would argue that the PlayStation Vita is a heavily RPG saturated console, but some games coming out later this year have an opportunity to change all that. To celebrate this two year benchmark, the PlayStation store has decided to put a variety of Vita games on sale as part of their “Sony PS Vita Anniversary Sale”.

Below is a detailed list of games that are currently on sale for the Vita:

Killzone: Mercenary — $17.49

Escape Plan — $7.34

Castlestorm Complete Edition — $6.99

Castlestorm — $4.89

Stick it to the Man — $6.29

Guacamelee! — $7.34

Spelunky — $7.34

Hotline Miami — $2.50

Velocity Ultra –$2.09

flow — $2.79

Flower — $3.49

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time — $13.29

Machinarium — $1.75

Proteus — $4.19

Open Me! — $4.89

Malicious Rebirth — $7.34

Sumioni: Demon Arts — $4.89

Orgarhythm — $4.89

Ragnarok Odyssey — $14.69

Valhalla Knights 3 — $14.69

I would highly recommend Killzone: Mercenary if you don’t already have it. The game looks incredible and is has the look and feel of a PlayStation 3 game. Additionally, Guacamelee!, Spelunky, and Malicious Rebirth are all also highly recommended.  The sale ends on Monday, March 3rd.

Do you plan on buying any of the games on the list? If so, please feel free to tell us which games you plan on buying in the comments section below.

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