Sponsored: Is Tomodachi Life The Future Of Life Simulation Games?

Why the 3DS title may bring about the future of life simulation games

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Attention: This post is sponsored by Nintendo, but reflects only my individual views on Tomodachi Life.

Last month, Nintendo finally released their popular handheld game Tomodachi Life for 3DS owners here in North America. This life simulation title allows players to use or create their own Miis and have them all experience life on a remote island. Players also have the ability to create a voice and personality for their Miis to make each encounter more meaningful and personal than the last one.

Nintendo’s decision to develop a game like this not only adds value to their Mii character infrastructure, but it also is their clever attempt at trying to create a truly simulated life experience from the ground up. In addition to creating yourself, your family, and friends, you’ll also experience several life events that are sometimes unexpected and can change the overall landscape of the people and surroundings you care about most. This dynamic element of gameplay aesthetics brings about bigger questions and asks if this is a title that can shape the future of life simulation games forever.

For those who are familiar with games like The SIMS, they may argue that Nintendo isn’t doing anything too different with Tomodachi Life. However, it is important to remember that this game is on a handheld device and therefore can be taken any and everywhere. The Streetpass functions on the 3DS also allow owners to interact with each other and develop bonds that can then be shared in various games afterward. Going by this logic, the possibilities truly are endless in Tomodachi Life and those looking to explore a game of the multitude absolutely should do so when possible.

Tomodachi Life is available now exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS.

Do any of you think Tomodachi Life is a fair representation of what the future of Life Simulation games could look like? Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments section below.

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