PC Exclusive Fortnite Might Come to Consoles In The Future

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Epic Games’ Fornite is currently a PC exclusive game, however that may change someday according to the developer.

Talking with Eurogamer, Fortnite’s lead designer Darren Saag had this to say about the future of the game:

“It was still a little unsure about where the next generation of consoles were going to land with iterative and free-to-play games. PC just allowed us to push patches and push updates quicker and do heavy iteration. At the time we were conceiving of the project, that was why.”

“Things have changed from the console space and have adapted to the new market, which is cool. So because of those adaptations the future for where Fortnite ends up is not set in stone. I think there’s lots of possibilities about how you can interact with Fortnite on different platforms.”

It would be nice if Fortnite came to consoles, that way more people would be able to play the game, which is never a bad thing! The way he talks about the future of Fortnite makes me think that the game will definitely be coming to consoles in the future. I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out!

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