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New 2Pac & Outlawz Music Leaked [Free Download]

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2Pac-Forum.com has leaked a coveted Digital Audio Tape containing some unreleased songs and unheard mixes of 2Pac and his closely-related rap group The Outlawz.

The leak contains 17 songs of what seems to be an unreleased Tupac & Outlawz album.

This DAT has been sought-after for a while, with fans of the group paying money to gain access to the material.

Posted by 2Pac-Forum.com admin L-Booma, he states that all credit goes to the people who paid for the tape:

I’m not going to write a long ass story. But here it is because it’s floating around very heavily and I heard that some people are trying to make a quik buck of it and I don’t like that. It would have leaked anyway………………….

Sorry to the people that spend money on this DAT tape and of course all credit goes to the people from 2Pac-Forum who paid for it and NOT TO ME.

Due to the lack of Yaki Kadafi, who tragically passed away two months after Tupac’s death, some speculate that the majority of the Outlawz music was recorded from 1997-onwards.

Tracks included in this leak, such as “Kharma” are regarded as previously unheard music whereas other songs such as “Black Jesus” and “Runnin On E” are much better quality mixes than previously released leaks.

Below you will find the tracklisting and download link.


1 – Black Jesus
2 – Hold On
3 – If They Love Their Kids
4 – In Godz Eyez
5 – Kharma
6 – Komatose
7 – Novakane
8 – Runnin On E
9 – Soldier Story 97
10 – Through My Rearview
11 – Yesterday
12 – Who Do U Believe In
13 – Thug Nation
14 – Lil Homiez
15 – Bless my Soul
16 – Angel
17 – Retribution


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Credit: 2Pac-Forum.com

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