90s R&B/Hip Hop Collaborations

90s R&B/Hip-Hop Collaborations | Koalition Radio


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No longer a weekly feature, witness the return of Koalition Radio where contributors curate themed playlists for your listening pleasure. This particular list is crafted by @lasirenadorada and features many from Old Dirty Bastard to Notorious B.I.G. to Mobb Deep and more. 

Written/Curated by Arlene Marie

The R&B/Hip Hop collaboration was introduced and perfected during the 1990s. Hearing my one of favorite singers on a song with one of my favorite rappers was everything. There was something about the two genres coming together that made perfect sense. I was introduced to Hip Hop before I was introduced to R&B, largely due to my older brother’s musical taste. Enter Mary J. Blige and Mariah Carey, and the rest is history. Here’s a list of my favorites from that era curated for The Koalition.

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