Agario is a Free Multiplayer Phenomenon

Written by on and Agario 3D are two browser games featured on Poki. The concept is quite simple; you start out with a small object known as a “cell”. The aim is to then absorb smaller cells which causes your own cell to grow bigger and bigger. The Bigger you are, the stronger you will become.

The challenge comes in by way of other real life players who will also be growing their cells and becoming stronger, eventually you’ll cross paths and the bigger cell must absorb the smaller, while the smaller cell must try and flee to absorb more smaller cells. If you get absorbed by another player it’s game over and you’ll have to start again. You can eventually unlock a few new tricks like ejecting extra mass and splitting into multiple parts to outplay smaller cells.

After dominating the field you can explore what’s called experimental mode and learn how to take advantage of spawners. For extra hilarity and popularity, you can choose a selection of cell skins such as presidents, flags, or internet memes. To do this you’ll need to input specific names when it prompts you for your name at the start of the game, we have a list below.

You also have control over what type of gamers you’ll be facing. You can pick a favourite region (North America, South America, Europa, Russia, Turkey, East Asia, China or Oceania) to join thousands of other players. If online multiplayer isn’t your thing you also have the choice of personal battles that are only against your friends.

As mentioned earlier, there are two versions of Agario. The original is called simply and there is a much slower 3D version called Agario 3D. Both are equally as fun but come with their own unique challenges.

At the end of each game you’re given statistics like your number of cells eaten, time lived and number of players eaten. Your best position in the worldwide rankings are all available to boast with.

Each room also has real time Top 10, where you can see who are the biggest cells at the moment. Custom skin names:
Flags (‘USA’, ‘Brazil’, ‘Poland’, ‘France’, ‘China’, ‘Turkey’ and many others)
Politicians (‘Obama’, ‘Merkel’, ‘Berlusconi’, ‘Chavez’, ‘Hillary’, ‘Hollande’, ‘Kim Jong-un’, ‘Dilma’, ‘Bush’, ‘Trump’ and even the ‘Queen’)
Internet memes (‘Cia’, ‘9gag’, ‘4chan’, ‘Sanik’, ‘Moon’, ‘Facepunch’, ‘Ayy Lmao’, ‘Origin’, ‘Nasa’, ‘Doge’ or ‘Pokerface’)

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