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Earth's mightiest heroes reunite again!

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Every couple of years, that one entertainment event happens which you have been anticipating for so long. For some it’s their favorite artist releasing an album after a long hiatus, for others it is when a book they love heads to the big screen. For me, it is a sequel to movie that left me speechless. Avengers: Age of Ultron has done the unthinkable and knocked Avengers of the top spot of my favorite MCU movies.

If you have not done so yet, because you live blindfolded under a rock on Mars I guess, I recommend you watch Avengers so you have a good context for the motivations and events in Age of Ultron.

Age of Ultron starts of with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes hunting down the remnants of the Hydra organization. After a successful raid of a major Hydra base, Tony Stark comes across what he believes is the final piece of the puzzle needed to allow himself and the team to retire. His plan is to create autonomous soldiers to take over their mantle. All that needs to be said is that it is easier to count the number of sci-fi robots which do not try to end humanity than count those who do. So it’s up to the Avengers to stop the mighty Ultron.

Ultron in Avengers Age of Ultron
Look pa’, no strings

Things aren’t as simple this time round as Ultron is joined by twins who are supercharged by space magic and their hate for the former arms dealer himself. The Maximoff twins add an interesting spin to the works. Not only do they infer that there are other ways to gain superpowers, but they can also hold their own against the Avengers. My only real gripe with the twins was Wanda’s accent, since it sounded like it came from a bad 90’s budget movie. However, it’s easily forgotten anytime Pietro is on screen. That is right, we get another great Quicksilver performance on screen.

Being the second a movie in a proposed trilogy, you usually do not get many plot twists. As the first is the exposition filled introduction, while the last will be the payoff and wrap up. Simply because Marvel can, they decided to empty a spanner filled bucket into the works of the Avengers MCU. On top of introducing new characters and character development, we get a massive shake up of the status quo at the end which I am sure will have deeper implications down the road.

Age of Ultron is not without its problems. I counted at least two deus ex-machina moments, which is one more than I allow myself. However, given the context of the situation and the alternative, I do think it would have made for a short and depressing movie.

Hulkbuster in Age of Ultron
It’s called the Hulkbuster for a reason

Clearly, Avengers: Age of Ultron lived up to my expectations and more, which is a lot considering about a third of my exposure to it has been through various trailers and TV spots.

I may sound like a broken record to those have read the spotlights on both Phase One and Phase Two, but Avengers: Age of Ultron is another great example of a summer blockbuster. There is action mixed with comedy, hints of philosophical questions, questions answered and question left unanswered.

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