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Character Select – Interview With Torrence Davis

The man, the myth and legend is chosen for Character Select

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For those of us who may not be familiar, can you tell us who you are?

I’m Torrence Davis, Editor In Chief of many sites. Started off with Video Game Time magazine which then became That’s where it all started. Since then I’ve run, and now and I’m also an avid photographer, filmmaker, writer and foodie.

You’ve been gaming for some time now, what was your first experience with games?

Hmmm…I started off with arcade Pinball machines then Pong, Space War, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Omega Race…then Atari 2600 blew my mind and I had to have one. Ever since the Atari 2600, I’ve been trying to get the same quality at home that we had in arcades. That quest ended when the Sega Saturn came out.

With such a long history, what are your thoughts on how video games have changed over the years?

Better graphics, story and character development. However I think we are in somewhat of a rut right now in terms of original ideas. Indies are saving us.

Where do you think video games can/will go in the future?

Oculus Rift and VR in general will play a huge part in where it goes. I’d like to see smaller sandboxes with more detail. GTA V is huge but make it smaller and allow me to walk in every building, go up stairs, elevators, rooftops, etc. The map size is limiting the gameplay options.

With Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo releasing their next generation of consoles, what are your thoughts on the console war?

There is no console war. However, if there was it would be a price war. Actually, that’s all it is, a price war.

The Head of Many Sites
The Head of Many Sites

I first came across you through the VideoGameWarZone, how did it begin?

It started off with me and a few other friends doing a podcast called Unformatted. We never knew what we were going to talk about. Then HHG got involved with me after that show fell apart so I decided to do a show with just HHG due to our differences of opinions and interesting conversations about games. From there it blew up to a live show.

How were you able to keep it going for so long?

Passion and the perseverance of the fans.

What made you stop doing it?

The show was out of control. We kept bringing up the same subjects (tvs) and people were yelling to make a point and talking over others. I needed that year to wipe the slate and go back to basics. Plus the fans kept asking for it.

What made you bring it back?

The fans would not stop asking for the show to come back. Plus with all the bullshit going on in the industry, a hero was needed. I emerged from my slumber to once again thwart the evil that is ignorance in gaming.

How do you spend your non-gaming time?

Cooking, watching Food Network, shooting photos and watching movies.

Torrrence Davis and Emilio Lopez at E3
Torrrence Davis and Emilio Lopez at E3

If you only had 3 games to play for a year, what would they be?

Battlefield 4, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

What game characters would you want as a friend, a best man and a bodyguard?

My friend would be Jack from Borderlands because he cracks me up. My best man would be James Bond because he knows how to wear a tux. My bodyguard would be Asura because he’s unstoppable.

What movies in 2015 are you excited for?

Avengers: Age of Ultron and The Kingsman

What were the last 10 songs you listened to?

MGSV soundtrack (2 songs), Fantasia: The Thrill Is Gone and Wu-Tang Clan: Enter The Wutang (whole album).

Dragon Age or Dragon’s Dogma?

Dragon Age and I only say this because I’ve never played Dogma and I am currently playing DAI.

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