Dragon Ball Z / Anime Battle 1.2 Browser Game Showcase

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Poki is an Amsterdam based company with a passion for web based games; they create HTML 5 games suitable for a range of different interests. As Anime fans we decided to play a few of their games from the Dragon Ball Z category.

Anime Battle 1.2

The first one we tried was Anime Battle 1.2 and we were quite impressed.


You’d think that a browser fighting game like Anime Battle 1.2 wouldn’t be much fun, but as I started figuring out the buttons, attacks and timing I found myself getting hooked. It’s surprisingly challenging at first, especially since there’s not much of a button guide to go by. But with the optional training mode I was able to figure out the buttons through trial and error.

The game is controlled using the typical W.A.S.D keyboard inputs, and then you’re able to use J for basic attacks, K to jump, I for a power attack and O as a special attack. Special attacks can be used once your blue meter is filled up, which is done so by landing attacks successfully.

There are a few different player modes, like a ladder mode that will pit you against most of the characters in the game, a simple player versus computer mode and even a two player option.


There are twenty different Anime characters to choose from, and they’re all well recognizable to anime enthusiasts. For a browser game Anime Battle 1.2 has some decent sound effects and music, we only wish it were easier to control the volume.

Dragon Ball Z Fierce Fighting 2.7

The next game we tried was Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.7


Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.7 is pretty complex for a browser game because not only can you engage in single one vs. one battles, but there’s also a story progression mode. Playing through this mode will allow you to unlock some of the more popular Dragon Ball Z characters.

The game has 26 characters total, which is a generous amount for a browser button masher. Some of the sprites have been brought over from earlier versions of the game it seems, but most of the popular characters seem to have quality 8-bit style sprites.


Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.7 is played with the same button inputs as Anime Battle 1.2, but the L button allows you to charge up your KI. Playing against the computer can get pretty intense as Fierce Fighting 2.7 presents a satisfying challenge. Dragon Ball Z Fierce Fighting 2.7 can also be played against a human appointment, but of course it means sharing a keyboard.

Vegeta vs Krillin

If you happen to try any of the games from the Poki Dragon Ball Z category then be sure to let us know what you think.

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