Final Fantasy XV Gets a New (and Vague) Trailer

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Square-Enix promised that they would show something new at Gamescom for Final Fantasy XV and they have delivered. The Japanese gaming giant has just released a new trailer for the eagerly anticipated game which raises more questions than answers.

The intro of the video has a small girl whose home is being broken into by armored soldiers. It then cuts to a street where we see soldiers directing traffic as a lonely dog walks by. The rest of the trailer has lead protagonist, Noctis, as a small child, who is with his father in what appears to be their capital city. The trailer ends with a wide shot of the capital which seems to be protected, or perhaps is going to be attacked, by three giant Eidolons.

It’s hard to tell what is happening out of context, but it sure does look pretty doesn’t it?

Final Fantasy XV will be released for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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