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Help The Koalition Build an RPG Part 3: The Beginning of the Story

Welcome back to our RPG Maker MV Community Poll series, everybody! If you just now stumbled across this series, I highly recommend checking out both Part 1 and Part 2 before you continue, as it will get you caught up on what’s going on and why I’m asking the questions that I’m asking this time around. Going forward, entries will have around a week or more between them to give me more time to implement poll results. Now, let’s recap the results from Part 2!

Part 2 Community Poll Results

Summary – Welcome to Infinite Dreams of Forgotten Tomorrow XD: Equestrian Edition, the greatest community-poll-created RPG Maker MV game of all-time! Infinite Dreams of Forgotten Tomorrow XD: Equestrian Edition is a turn-based RPG that takes place in a mystical land where the forces of nature and technology coexist and live in harmonious balance. Our female elf is a hacker named Eloen. She has fair skin and dark hair and she can be best described as intelligent, brave, and independent. Since she is a hacker, that means she utilizes technology to hack into computer systems, disrupt enemies, and augment her allies. Her horse, Shylia, is a mentalist, meaning that it’s not only a telepathic creature with which she communicates, but it has the power to infiltrate the minds of enemies as well. Her other party members, which we will flesh out in more detail here, are a cyborg human and demonic warrior.

Specific Voting Details –

  • Main character’s face? Option 1 (51%)
  • Main character’s name? Eloen (26%)
  • Main character’s personality traits? Intelligent (48%,) Brave (37%,) and Independent (35%)
  • Main character’s class? Hacker (25%)
  • Demon character’s face? Option 2 (35%)
  • Human character’s face? Option 2 (37%)
  • Three party member classes? Cyborg (47%,) Mentalist (47%,) and Warrior (43%)
  • Name of the game? Infinite Dreams of Forgotten Tomorrow XD: Equestrian Edition (30%)
  • Combination of sci-fi and technology theme? Two ideologies that coexist in harmony and blend together (29%)
  • Opening scene? The Main Character and her horse escaping from a dangerous situation (41%)
  • How does the main character meet the human and demon? The demon was pursuing the human, who agreed to trade his soul in the past, but has recently changed his mind (38%)
  • First dungeon? Sci-Fi Research Facility (32%)
  • Potential main character’s best friend or romantic interest ideas:
    • Best friend is a demon that she freed from being imprisoned and owes her a favor. Demon is clueless about today’s society and Eloen is the only non-demon that can be trusted.
    • Her love interest was polymorphed into an animal (potentially the horse?) and could serve as a subplot to change them back.
    • The human male is her best friend, but unknown to her, he is also in love with her.

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Updates on the Game’s Progress

Over the past week or so I did a lot of world-building. Many of those details will be fleshed out in future updates and other things that I have planned, but the key to a good RPG is always establishing an interesting and believable world for the player to explore. The answers to all of the poll questions have definitely helped guide me though the process in terms of what the game world looks and acts like. It’s been a great experience so far! I even started putting together a basic Game Design Document. I’ve also realized one pretty big oversight: the base engine and resources provided with RPG Maker MV include a ton of great stuff, but combat animations for a horse are not included. I’ve been talking with a friend and should hopefully get her to help me with that, since the horse is obviously a necessary member of the player’s party. I also won’t be making this a front-view combat system, side-view is the only way I enjoy turn-based RPGs. Finally, as the last primary update, I have been laying the groundwork for some of the areas in the game. Even going so far as sketching out some areas on paper before translating them to the game or just tweaking the existing built-in maps, has really helped me put my ideas into action.

Part 3 – The Beginning of the Story

This week, we are doing things a bit differently. Rather than just a list of questions, you’re going to help flesh out the game’s opening scenes. I’ve written the basic summary of the game’s introduction, now it’s up to you to help me fill in the details!

Eloen, a female elf hacker from [Poll Question 1] was roaming the forest with her mentalist horse, Shylia, when suddenly [Poll Question 2.] The pair began to flee, fearing for their lives. Once they reached the safety of [Poll Question 3,] they had to figure out what to do next. Was it safe for them in this area? Regardless, Eloen had to find out what was going on.

Poll Question 1: Eloen is from The Aludareth Forest.

Poll Question 2: Eloen witnesses one of the elves in her clan get murdered by a hooded figure who then chases her.

Poll Question 3: They hide at a Sci-Fi Research Facility that is later the first dungeon.

Slowly, the pair made their way back to [Poll 1 results] in search of clues as to what was happening. While investigating the area, she comes across a human cyborg clearly in fear for his life as well. His name is [Polls Question 4] and he claims to be fleeing from a demon warrior named [Poll Question 5.] The cyborg claims that the demon killed his entire unit of soldiers and is wreaking havoc throughout the area. He agrees to help you figure out what’s going on in exchange for you helping him watch his back.

Poll Question 4: The Human is named Bojack

Poll Question 5: The Demon is named Desodera

Later that night, while making camp, the demon comes upon the party, but Shylia sensed her presence before she could attack. Soon, you learn the truth of the situation. The demon is in pursuit of the cyborg because he owes her a debt. [Poll Question 6 = explanation of what happened.]

Poll Question 6: In order to cheat death and live a longer life, the human made a deal with the demon previously and now owes him as a debt.

After hearing both sides of the story, Eloen is able to negotiate between the two of them that if they join her and help her fight back against [Poll Question 2 Results] then she will help them decide how to resolve their situation. Thus, the Infinite Dreams of a Forgotten Tomorrow XD: Equestrian Edition begins.


A Few Other Questions
Now, before this edition is over, let’s get a few other general questions out of the way.
Eloen Design Options
Eloen’s appearance? Option 3
Name of the world = Valyntar
Kingdoms: Ysteran, Thairyn, Xobeth
Bonus region that will be included: Highly technological region
[Leave a Comment Response] Finally, our last question for this edition. Help me design each of the three classes in the game (hacker, cyborg, mentalist, and warrior.) What makes each or one of them stand out? What are some ideas for attacks that you have? How will each class truly be unique?
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Thank you for participating in the third round of community polls for our game!


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