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Here’s Your First Look at the Upcoming DLC for Metal Gear Solid V

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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been eating our collective faces over at The Koalition and now it seems we’ll have even more reason to keep on playing it. During the Tokyo Game Show, which is currently happening in Japan, Konami took the stage to reveal what the DLC will contain.

This first DLC, which is called DLC Pack 1, will have some new costumes. Snake will get his jungle fatigues from Metal Gear Solid 3, another sneaking suit, and a tuxedo. Female soldiers get new costumes as well which are inspired by MGS3‘s The Boss and Eva. Finally, D-Horse will also get new outfits too (horse armor ftw!).

While this isn’t the story DLC we want from the game, it is pretty fun stuff nonetheless. Also, since this is “DLC Pack 1,” we can definitely expect another one in the future. No word yet on when this will be released or how much it’ll cost, but we’ll keep you updated on that.

Source: MGO TGS Stage Show, JunkerHQ, via metalgearinformer. Images come from JunkerHQ.

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