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Karin Kanzuki Heading to Street Fighter V; Capcom Fighters Network Announced

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Capcom is making it a habit to announce a new character for Street Fighter V with every major gaming event that’s happened so far this year. Since we’re currently in the middle of the Tokyo Game Show, it means that we were due for another new character reveal. Capcom has delivered once more.

This “new” character isn’t all that new. It’s none other than Karin Kanzuki, who players last saw in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Karin employs the “Kanzuki-style” of fighting, which is a mixture of many different fighting styles that her wealthy family combined together. Karin will be an extremely versatile character to use in SFV due to how varied her style is. With her new dash move, she can close in on opponents and go in for a quick high or low attack or a throw.

Her V-Trigger move lets her perform her “Guren Ken” multi-string attack which contains over a dozen different follow ups and variations. This will cause foes to be thrown off since it will be hard to predict what Karin may do next. After performing this V-Trigger move, she can do things like a low sweep, an overhead attack, another set of quick strikes, or a backdash.

Karin’s V-Skill, Meioken, allows her to cancel enemy projectiles with a palm strike that can also knock down opponents if it connects. This move can be charged by holding down the buttons to give it more power. Doing this move builds up Karin’s V-Trigger.

With Karin joining the roster, this ups the count to 12 fighters, which also includes: Ryu, Ken, Chun-li, M.Bison, Vega, Charlie Nash, Cammy, Birdie, R. Mika, and new fighters: Necalli and Rashid. Capcom has said that the game will ship with a roster of 16 playable characters which means that in the following months, we can expect to hear about four more fighters.

Capcom Fighters Network Heat map

That’s not all however, as the Capcom Fighters Network was also revealed at TGS. This network will be a community hub that will be integrated into the infrastructure of Street Fighter V.

“Fans and players will be able to visit CFN at any time to view player profiles, match statistics, replay videos, as well as register friends and send battle invitations,” says the press release. “Players can quickly and easily see where the action is happening via a global “heat map” and stay up to date on the latest game news and tournament information.”

The CFN will be a great way for players, particularly those who are invested in eSports, to get as much statistical data as possible. CFN will even get into minor details such as how many light punches a player landed, how many throws they tech’ed, or which ways they won matches. This is also made for players to identify their own weaknesses and use that knowledge to improve their game. CFN is still a work-in-progress so stay tuned for more details on it as they are announced.

Capcom Fighters Network statistics

Street Fighter V will be released on the PC and PlayStation 4 in Spring of 2016.

Some of the images and information for this post came from the PlayStation Blog.

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