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King of the Dot | World Domination 5 Predictions

Will King of the Dot be crowning a new Champ?

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King of the Dot has been gaining steam at a steep pace the last couple years and, with World Domination 5, they’ve put together one of the most intriguing cards from top to bottom. While a little light on the usual URL suspects, the match-ups themselves will be interesting marriages of style and we may finally have a true threat to the current champ. Check it out as Profex and Gary Swaby share their thoughts on the battles and choose the victor of their favorites.



I have a lot of respect for Pat Stay when it comes to how long he’s maintained his reign at the top of King of the Dot, but his downfall is well overdue. I made the mistake of placing chips on Daylyt before, but now I believe we have a real chance of seeing the chain exchange hands. Illmaculate is a living legend in this industry, but he’s truly found a new wave of energy in his recent bouts.



Dumbfoundead returning to rap battle versus Conceited struck a cord with me as well, considering he’s one of a handful of battlers that sparked my interest in the industry. I was around for the SMACK dvd days, but I didn’t start truly investing my time in more leagues until his classic match with Tantrum. Dizaster is another that I found interesting in the my earlier days so these two pitted together will be exciting for sure. Further down the card, I’m truly excited to see 100 Bullets get another big shot vs DNA and I hope he finally capitalize on the spotlight.

Top 5 Predictions

  • Dumbfoundead over Dizaster

  • Illmaculate over Pat Stay

  • Pass over Chilla Jones

  • Charron over John John Da Don

  • 100 Bulletz over DNA


Gary Swaby

World Domination 5 is set to be one of the most bar heavy King of the Dot events to ever go down. We have the rapid fire, multi-syllable king Dizaster going up against arguably the punchline king Dumbfounded. In my opinion Dizaster’s delivery has been shaky lately. The only way I see him taking the win is if we get the same Dizaster that battled DNA. I have Dumbfounded taking it 2-1. Pat Stay has been a dominate champion, but my hope is that the underrated legend Illmaculate will take the chain in a 2-1 close call.

Chilla Jones

Iron Solomon has a lot to prove after losing 5-0 to a mediocre Murda Mook. The King of the Dot crowd will likely show him more love than the harsh New York crowd, so I expect his clash with Daylyt to be a highly entertaining bout.  Chilla Jones vs Pass will be the bar fest of the entire event. Pass is known for breaking down his opponent lyrically. Chilla Jones is the king of schemes and wordplay. When it comes down to it I don’t think Pass will have enough of an angle on Chilla to defeat him, so his only option is to out bar him, and lately there’s no out-barring Chilla.

Top 5 Predictions

  • Dumbfoundead over Dizaster

  • Illmaculate over Pat Stay

  • Daylyt over Iron Solomon

  • Chilla Jones over Pass

  • 100 Bullets over DNA

Who do you have? Hit us down in the comment section with your predictions and favorite matchups!

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