The Koalition Hip Hop Awards 2014 | Rookie of the Year

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Despite the casual statement via social networks that 2014 was a weak year for Hip Hop, I only agree with them halfway. Mainstream, popular artists had a weak showing via no-shows or just inferior work. Hip Hop overall had an INCREDIBLE year overall though, just expend a little more energy and stop waiting for the radio to do something different.


Mick Jenkins

Mick Jenkins

For the longest time it wasn’t entirely clear who would make my Rookie of the Year selection, but I’ll tell you what was: That person would come from Chicago. The Windy City, despite it’s violent black cloud hovering, has produced an incredible stable of artists. Alex Wiley (though not quite a rookie right now), Saba, Jean Deaux, Kembe X, and a few others rocked 2014 with great music. Mick Jenkins takes the well earned crown on the strength of The Water[s], which is nominated for Mixtape of the Year. Do yourself a service and listen to that work of art.

Joe Hova

Young Thug

Young Thug

It was tough to decide this one but with the run that Young Thug had this year, it became easier when I began listing all of the songs and attention he received. He was on one of the hottest mixtapes of the year, outrapped T.I. on “About The Money”, and had Kanye and Drake co-signing him based off of “Danny Glover”. Young Thug may be the hottest artist of 2015 as well. [Profex Edit: Hope not lol]


What new artists left an impression on you? Share in the comments below.

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