Lucas is Joining the Super Smash Battle on June 14

Sakurai will also host a Smash presentation.

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According to a notice given by Masahiro Sakurai, the update for Super Smash Bros. that will include Lucas will go live on June 14, the same day he will be hosting a live presentation for the game.

As you can see from the screenshot of Miiverse below (and here, if you want to read more), the update will go live at 8:00 am (PT), right after the presentation airs at 7:40 am (PT). So for all you Smash people, it seems like you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on some new move sets.


This comes after finding out that Ryu and Roy might also be appearing in Super Smash Bros. so, if you happen to be a fan of Super Smash, it’s been a pretty good day for you. We’ll have all the coverage from Sakurai’s presentation and Nintendo’s E3 coverage for you in the coming week. Make sure to stay tuned.

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