E3 Third Party News

Bethesda Announces Dishonored 2… Accidentally

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In keeping with this year’s E3 theme of “everything shall be leaked,” it looks like another game has been leaked ahead of a conference. In the video above, you can hear Harvey Smith, the co-director of the first Dishonored, talking about how to go about his presentation tomorrow.

After a couple of minutes, you can hear someone coming up to tell them that the entire conversation has been picked up by a mic, for which someone gives a joking “Ha ha ha” before being told “I’m not kidding.”

This is really a super unfortunate way to find out you’ve been talking about an unannounced game, but, make sure to stay tuned to Bethesda’s presentation tomorrow at 10:30 pm (EST) to find out (presumably) more about the game.

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