Leaked Data Suggest That Roy and Ryu Are Indeed Coming to Smash Bros.

Dataminers may have just found gold.

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Back in April, we reported on a story where reddit user shinyquagsire23 managed to datamine files of the (then) latest update to Super Smash Bros., and found sound files suggesting that Fire Emblem‘s Roy, and Street Fighter‘s Ryu would both be added to the brawler’s roster. If this latest leak is to be believed, then it seems that these two will most definitely be in Super Smash Bros.

Footage floating around the internet shows the Classic Mode completion screens for each of the characters. These come from YouTube users TripleXero and MemeScreen (respectively):

This seems pretty legit as it isn’t just a static screen. Speaking of static images, below are character renders for both Roy and Ryu as well as their alternate costume colors.

Roy - Super Smash Bros Ryu - Super Smash Bros Roy + Ryu character colors - Super Smash Bros

This is a shot of Ryu’s stage which is based on his Street Fighter II background.

Ryu Stage - Super Smash Bros

While we cannot verify the authenticity of these videos and assets, it all seems too elaborate to be a hoax. Nintendo hasn’t said anything regarding this leaked information (naturally), but with Smash creator Masahiro Sakurai hosting a Nintendo Direct tomorrow at 10:40am EST, it’s possible that we’ll see all of this revealed in an official capacity.

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